Can we help?

  • What is the format of the course?

    The course is delivered entirely online through a combination of pre-recorded video lectures, interactive activities, and assessments

  • How long is the course and what is the schedule for completing it?

    The course is self-paced, and the length of time it takes to complete will vary depending on your schedule. On average, it will take approximately One month of study to complete the course.

  • What materials or equipment do I need to take the course?

    The materials or equipment needed for the course will also vary depending on your specific learning style. Laptop, Pens, Notepad and access to the internet to send assessments through

  • Are there any prerequisites or requirements for taking the course?

    There are no prerequisites or requirements but it helps to be involved with a team or club to go through the course modules

  • Will I receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course?

    You will receive an E-Certificate of completion at the end of the course if you have completed all the requirements of the course

  • Are there any opportunities for interaction with other students or the instructor during the course?

    There are opportunities for interaction with other students (via Facebook) and the instructor via 1 or 2 live sessions bi-weekly schedule.

  • Are the course materials accessible to me offline?

    Yes, they should be via video or by downloading the material

  • Will the course have any assignments or projects?

    Yes, These are mainly for your purpose, not ours. We will give you some ideas but want you to create your own forms, sheets and ideas going forward - ours are not perfect and the football world evolves quickly.

  • Will the course be updated frequently and will there be any additional support after the course is completed?

    Yes, the course will be updated frequently and will be made better for the end user. The additional support will come via the Facebook page with your fellow colleagues.